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I am a married, working mother holding a senior role at a global humanitarian nonprofit running for San Dimas City Council to be your neighborhood advocate. Though I did not grow up here, San Dimas was a second home for me because of all the time I spent in town visiting my grandparents (they live in the same house to this day!). I chose to make San Dimas my hometown 12 years ago and am proud to raise my children here. As a family we have enjoyed numerous seasons of volunteering with San Dimas Little League. More recently I have been an active supporter of the San Dimas High and Lone Hill Middle Schools choir organization.   

I am your neighbor who is passionate about advocating for an even better San Dimas. I believe that San Dimas needs a more diverse City Council that reflects our vibrant and diverse community. If elected, I will listen and work with residents to be a voice for the greater community. I promise to help propel San Dimas to be a place where people want to live, work, and play.

I look forward to earning your vote on March 3rd!  




 The decisions we make now will impact the future. I believe San Dimas is at a crossroads—will we remain on our current path, or are we ready to move forward and acknowledge changing times and trends? I envision a more community-oriented San Dimas, with more restaurants and gathering spaces that draw people into common areas for conversation and connection. If elected, I will promote independently-owned mom-and-pop shops that empower local business owners and will draw attention to areas of town that have been left behind. San Dimas' history and community of committed people have helped build the strong foundation that will allow us to take these next steps into our future.


Retaining the historic small town character of San Dimas, with its well-established neighborhoods is essential as the city responds to future development pressures from Sacramento and local developers. Maintaining and improving our aging housing stock, commercial centers, and business parks is vital to the future of the city. Historic Preservation efforts such as the Walker House renovation and continued operation and potentially the citrus packing house adaptive re-use should be considered as high priority projects for city and community focus.

The eastward extension of the Los Angeles County Metro Gold Line light rail from its current terminus in Azusa to San Dimas and eventually onward to the east has long been of interest to the city of San Dimas. Connection to the growing light rail network could transform the possibilities for further growth of the downtown economy, supporting more shops and restaurants, jobs and housing near the new station. The Gold Line extension through the city must be met with strategic planning efforts around the station and downtown. Construction and infrastructure impacts must be closely monitored and coordinated with Metro and their contractors. 


Responsible Development should consider “sustainability” as a key factor in decision making across the board.

If elected I will work to help ensure that all future projects include key principles of environmental sustainability

as well as fiscal sustainability.


San Dimas is praised for being fiscally sound with more than $25 million in reserves. However, on March 3, voters will see Measure SD on the ballot, which proposes to increase the San Dimas sales tax by ¾%. Should this tax increase pass, financial transparency will become even more important in reassuring residents that newly-generated funds are going to good use. If elected, I will work to encourage this through open, town hall-style meetings that give all citizens who wish to be heard a platform to voice their ideas about helping to further cultivate services and quality of life in town.


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

Eleanor Roosevelt

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